Two Ingredient Edible Slime (Without Borax or Glue)

Are you looking for a slime recipe that is taste-safe and easy to make? This recipe for edible slime only requires two ingredients!

Edible Slime

If you’ve been here for a while, you know I’m a fan of taste-safe sensory activities because younger siblings can join in with their older brothers and sisters. In fact, I have a whole post on taste-safe activities for babies and toddlers here.

My oldest loves to make slime, but the ingredients are just not something I can trust my toddler with. So instead, we tried this edible slime recipe.

Although the recipe for edible slime is taste-safe, it is not that yummy, so you won’t have to worry about your toddler eating all your slime.

Instead, you can expect lots of sensory fun to be had, and your slime to remain in tact. In fact, you could easily save it to use several days in a row!

A word of warning about this slime: it is super simple to make, but does require some prep time. The secret ingredient is one that you may have to order or make a special trip to the grocery store to buy. Depending on how many colours of slime you want to make, you may need up to half an hour to make the slime and let it cool enough for your children to play with it.

Even though this slime may take a little more effort to make than some sensory bins, I think it’s well worth it. It’s a great little activity that is inexpensive and fun!

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How to Make Edible Slime

Before making the slime, you’ll likely need to head to the store or order the secret ingredient online. The secret ingredient is psyllium husk. If you have Metamucil, check the ingredients to be sure that it contains psyllium husk. If not, you can check your grocery story or order from Amazon (here’s the brand I used).

Psyllium husk generally comes in bulk, making it a bit mroe expensive. However, since each batch of slime only takes 1 Tbsp of Psyllium husk, one package will last you a long time.

taste-safe slime-4 colours

Materials for Taste-Safe Slime

  • Pysllium husk
  • Water
  • Optional: Food Colouring (I used neon)
  • Fairly large microwave-safe bowls (may bubble over in a standard cereal bowl).

ingredients for edible slime

Instructions for Making Edible Slime

  • Mix 1 Tbsp pysllium husk and 1 cup of water together. Add food colouring if desired.
  • Microwave on high for 5 minutes, stopping to check every 1-2 minutes. If the mixture begins to bubble, give it a good mix before continuing to microwave.
  • After five minutes, remove bowl from microwave and let sit until cool.
  • Be careful that the center of the slime is cool before giving it to your children!

edible slime

If you enjoyed this activity, your kids will love this rainbow oobleck sensory activity, which is also taste-safe!


Well moms and dads, I hope your kids loved this activity as much as mine did! Happy playing and learning!

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edible slime


edible slimetaste-safe slimeedible slime

taste-safe slime

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