Send-a-Hug Craft: The Perfect Gift for Grandparents

These days, all our kids are missing their grandparents big time and vice versa. Today I’m sharing a super cute Send-A-Hug craft that is perfect for grandparents, whether they are long distance, or merely social distancing.

For my mom’s birthday, we wanted to give her something special that was homemade by my daughter. We had already been apart for a month, despite living only 10 minutes apart, and it was taking a toll on grandparents and grandkids alike.

We decided the perfect gift/craft would be to send a hug. I’ve done a modified version of this craft with my class several years in a row. We altered it slightly to make it appropriate for H to give to her grandparents.

It was the perfect gift and really buoyed my mom’s spirits. She displayed it in her living room and proudly showed it off. It certainly made her birthday special.

So today, I’m sharing this Send-a-Hug craft with you, so you can cheer up your kiddo’s grandparents during times of distancing or isolation. It makes a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift for grandparents!

How to Make a Send-a-Hug Craft


  • a large piece of paper (easel paper would be ideal)
  • markers
  • scissors
  • paint


  • Have your child lay on the paper with arms outstretched and trace their head, shoulders and arms.
  • With your child, draw a face on the head, and a line on the neck and arms for a shirt. Drawing a pattern or decorations on the shirt is optional.
  • Paint your person.
  • Cut out your person.

I hope you have fun making this very sweet craft and the recipient of the gift enjoys it!

If you are looking for more sweet crafts to give as gifts, check out this post on tie-dye flowers kids can make!

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Send a hug gift for grandparents

Author: Cindy

Cindy is an kindergarten teacher and former district Literacy Lead who feels passionately about play-based learning. Cindy has a Master's Degree in Education, with a focus on Curriculum Studies. She is the mom of two sweet girls and a big old doggy. In between playtimes, she enjoys chai tea and a good book.

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