Adorable Paper Plate Sea Turtle Craft

Do you have a kid who just loves turtles? This sea turtle paper plate craft is fun and easy to make!

Sea Turtle Crafts

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For some reason, my daughter has always been drawn to turtles. They’re an animal that has always intrigued her. She has countless stuffed turtles, loves turtles in movies and television shows and even likes to draw turtles.

This paper plate turtle craft was perfect for us both. She was thrilled to make a craft featuring the animal she loved. I was very pleased with the low prep and low mess nature of the craft. It was easy to set up, needed little adult help, and best of all, was fun.

I chose to make my turtle shell in a pattern, while H decided to go a little more abstract. Either way, the turtles were very cute and she was so proud of her craft!

We decorated this paper plate craft with Do-a-Dot markers. Do-a-dot markers are like kid-friendly bingo daubers. They are washable, sized to fit little hands and come in bright, attractive colours.

H received these as a birthday gift this year and we have been having a ton of fun playing with them! I highly recommend Do-a-Dot markers as an art supply!

If you don’t have dot markers, bingo daubers would also work fine, although you’ll need to watch carefully to make sure there are no stains.

Other options would include using a pom pom as a stamper to create the same circular look. You can use a clothes pin as a handle and simply stick the clothespin in paint.

Even just using markers or crayons to decorate the paper plate would be a great option if you’re looking for something a bit more simple!


How to Make a Sea Turtle Paper Plate Craft

Here are the instructions on how to make an adorable paper plate sea turtle craft!

seat turtle paper plate craft supplies

Sea Turtle Paper Plate Craft Materials

These are the materials you’ll need to make the turtle craft:

Sea Turtle Paper Plate Craft Instructions

seat turtle paper plate craft supplies

  • Cut out a head, four flippers and a tail for your sea turtle.
  • Draw a face for your turtle.
  • Decorate the paper plate shell for your sea turtle.
  • Attached the head, flippers and tail to the paper plate.
  • Enjoy!

I hope you and your children will enjoy making this sea turtle paper plate craft as much as we did!

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