Adorable Tie-Dye Preschool Flower Craft

Are you looking for an easy spring craft that will keep your little ones entertained? This tie-dye preschool flower craft is so simple to make and so much fun! The perfect way to celebrate spring with your kids!

Coffee Filter Flower Craft

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Tie-Dye Preschool Flower Craft

I want to share with you a super simple and fun craft we made this week. My four year old loves doing crafts and activities, but I don’t always have time to create elaborate crafts for her. This tie-dye preschool flower craft is so easy. You can grab a coffee filter and some markers and go to town!

This craft is the perfect gift for your child to make for Mother’s Day. A bouquet of handmade flowers would be a beautiful gift for a grandmother, aunt or godmother.

Tie-dye crafts are my absolute favorite (you can see my turkey tie-dye craft here). This craft uses simple materials and is so, so, so much fun to make. The tie-dye process is fascinating to kids, from toddlers to big kids (and can keep them entertained for HOURS). Even better, if you use water-proof markers, you’re guaranteed a super-easy clean up.

This craft is a super way to practice fine motor skills (see more super simple fine motor activities here). Using markers is, of course, great fine motor practice Wetting your coffee filter with either a pippette or a spray bottle is also a great way to strengthen little hands.

This craft is a great activity in a preschool or kindergarten class. I routinely use variations of this craft with my K’s and it’s a hit everytime! Teacher tip: if you’re doing this craft with mutliple kids, have everyone colour their coffee filter at the same time. To prevent mess and chaos, have children come up 1-2 at a time to a spraying station to wet their coffeee filter. Because the kdis will finish colouring at different times, it’s easy tfor everyone to have a turn to spray without waiting for a long time.

How to Make Flower Craft

Materials for Tie-Dye Preschool Flower Craft

  • washable markers
  • coffee filters
  • pipe cleaners
  • pipette or spray bottle of water
  • used paper

Instructions for Tie-Dye Preschool Flower Craft

colouring to make a coffee filter flower

  • Have your child colour the coffee filter with markers. The more colour they add, the brighter the flower will be.
  • Place coffee filter on a piece of used paper.

eye dropped wetting coffee filter

  • Have your child either spray the coffee filter with a spray bottle of water, or use a pipette to squeeze drops of water onto the filter.

coffee filter tie-dye flower craft

  • Let your child watch the water spread and the tie-dye effect spread.
  • Let coffee filter dry.
  • Twist the middle of the coffee filter to form a flower shape.

Tie-Dye Coffee Filter FLower

  • Attach a pipe cleaner for the stem.
  • Use another pipe cleaner for the leaves.

coffee filter tie dye flower craft

Tip: If you want to contain the mess of wetting the coffee filter, place it in a baking pan before spraying.

The paper you use to line the coffee filter will also get tie-dyed and makes an extra piece of artwork that kids love.

So there you have an easy, tie-dye preschool flower craft that your kids will love! Happy crafting!

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Tie-Dye Coffee Filter Flowers


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