Rainbow Toast: A Fun Breakfast Activity

Today I want to share a really fun fine motor activity that will ALSO get your kids excited to eat breakfast! Sound good? Keep reading to learn how to make rainbow toast!

Today we made Rainbow Toast. Rainbow toast is a great way to encourage your kids to practice fine motor skills, and it is absolutely beautiful!

If you have kids that don’t like to eat breakfast, this is the activity for you, because it makes breakfast time so much fun!

To set up for Rainbow Toast, I simply poured a few tablespoons of milk into several different cups and added a few drops of food colouring. I provided a paintbrush, and set up was ready!

The only downside of this activity is that you’ll likely need to use white bread. Most whole grain bread is simply too dark for this activity and the colours won’t show up.

Luckily (I guess), my husband has refused to switch to whole grain, so there was a loaf of white bread on hand for this activity. My girls are pretty good eaters, so I don’t mind a little white bread every once in a while.

I toasted the bread very lightly. It should be toasted enough to give a little crunch and not get too soggy when the milk is added. You don’t want it t get to brown, as the colours won’t show up.

H was so delighted to come downstairs to a surprise breakfast! She loved painting her toast, and asked for seconds after she ate her first piece.

This is a great example of a fine motor activity that does not involve pencil and paper. So many parents (and some teachers) freeze when they hear fine motor practice and dread fighting with their child over worksheets. You can read about more ideas for fine motor practice without using worksheets here.

Actually, fine motor skills simply refer to small, precise movements made by the body (often made by the hands). Although at some point your child will have to practice with a writing instrument, making any small, precise hand movements will improve your child’s fine motor skills (click here to learn about five ways to make pencil grip activities more fun).

Paintbrushes are a writing tool that is a little more fun than a pencil!

So, this activity will help you feel good about your child’s development AND their appetite.

Rainbow Toast: how to paint toast in rainbow colours

Rainbow Toast

So without further ado, here are the materials and instructions for rainbow toast:

Materials Needed for Rainbow Toast:

  • bread
  • milk
  • food colouring
  • small containers (I used these cups)
  • paint brush

Instructions for Rainbow Toast:

  • Pour milk int cups (1-2 tablespoons each).
  • Add a few drops of food colouring to each cup.
  • Lightly toast bread.
  • Provide child with paintbrush.

I hope your little one enjoys this activity! If your kids love colourful activities, try these super fun tie-dye coffee filter flowers.

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Rainbow Toast: a fine motor art activity

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